Spotlight: Bristol Vocabulary

Bristol Vocab

Today’s spotlight is Bristol vocabulary: A provisional list by Richard Coates and Matt Vicker.

The purpose of this collection is to offer some basic guidance to students wanting to work with local dialect. They are often quite unaware of what is truly local vocabulary, what is regional, what is style-bound (e.g. purely colloquial or slang), and what is general English. So far as I can tell, the items in this collection are not age-related (in the sense of being teens-and-twenties’ usage), but maybe somebody knows better.

The document is a provisional list, drafted in 2014, of vocabulary strongly connected with Bristol. The list contains meanings for words, examples of use, and possible origins or alternative use. It is published on the UWE Research Repository – an exclusive publication if you look at it that way!


Spotlight: The Right Trousers

The Right Trousers

The spotlight today is a conference presentation, part of ‘The Right Trousers’ project which aims to develop soft robotic trousers for aiding mobility.

The original presentation was part of the Royal College of Occupational Therapists Conference in June 2017. The presentation outlines the aims of the study and the findings from a focus group who discussed requirements such as look, weight, autonomy and care.

View the presentation on the Research Repository for more information.


Research Support annual report

Research Way, Tamar Science Park

The annual report for the Research Repository has had an overhaul this year.

The new report gives an overview of some of the activities that the team has been involved in over the last year, usage statistics for the Research Repository, and aims for the team going forward.

The report has been stripped down and rebuilt into a more streamlined and visually friendly format, and is available to view on the Research Repository.

Image: “Research Way” by Graham Richardson is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Spotlight: Dome I


The spotlight today is an image by Ian Chamberlain called Dome I. The artwork is an etching, and was selected for the Royal Academy Summer Show 2016.

There are several more examples of Ian’s work on the Research Repository, including Mirror I and Mirror II which were selected for the Royal Academy Summer Show 2015, and TIMELINE an exhibition which Ian took part in.

You can find out more about Ian’s influences by visiting his website.

Open research series

In case you missed the open research series organised by the Research Support team in January, you can catch the recordings from the events at the links below:

  1. Open access: It’s real and it’s happening now
  2. Open access: It’s legal and it’s good to be involved!
  3. The path to data sharing: How open can I go?

Each session focused on different area of open access and was delivered by a variety of speakers.

Open access: It’s real and it’s happening now includes a talk from Professor Martin Eve, co-founder and CEO of the Open Library of Humanities, who speaks about where open access is coming from and where it can be going. This is followed by a discussion about researcher experiences of open access, featuring research staff from UWE Bristol.

Open access: It’s legal and it’s good to be involved! was delivered by several members of the library team. We give an overview of open access, a behind the scenes look at the Research Repository, an overview of creative commons licenses, and more information about the green and gold routes of publishing, the dangers of ResearchGate, funder requirements, and ORCiD.

The path to data sharing: How open can I go? features a talk from Professor Felix Ritchie about open data and the 5 safes framework. The session also covers research governance, data management plans, and the support available for data management at UWE Bristol.

Image used – “Open Sign” by Chip Griffin is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Spotlight: Bright bricks, dark play

Lego chapter

To head off any questions in advance – no, the subject of today’s spotlight is not a LEGO model (no. 5978, Sphinx Secret Surprise in case you were interested, released in 1998.)

Bright bricks, dark play: On the impossibility of studying LEGO is a book chapter by Seth Giddings, looking at how LEGO is played with and asking ‘if LEGO play does not follow the instructions, how can it be studied?’ Seth asked for memories of playing with LEGO in childhood and these memories are discussed in the chapter.

If you find this interesting, Seth has uploaded another book chapter, this time about the video game LEGO Star Wars, and the success (or not!) of playing it.

Termly statistics March-May 2017

“Pie Chart” by Mike Licht is licensed under CC BY 2.0It’s time for the most recent batch of termly statistics about the Research Repository (plus bonus pie chart!)

As of May 2017 there are currently 23,675 live records on the Research Repository. 690 of these were published in 2017.

The UK remains the country downloading the most from the Research Repository, followed by USA and China.

We have had to exclude visitor numbers from the stats as the software we use has decided it hates us. We are investigating alternatives and this should be back for the next report.

UWE Bristol members of staff can access the full statistics document on SharePoint. Please contact the team for any more information or with any suggestions for what you would like to see in future statistics reports.

Image used – “Pie Chart” by Mike Licht is licensed under CC BY 2.0