Librarians on Tour – Erasmus week in Dublin

On tour

In mid-June I (Jane) was lucky enough to attend the Erasmus library staff mobility week in Dublin. A group of academic librarians from across Europe, got together to talk about various library activities in their home institutions.

Each attendee was required to give a short presentation on their chosen theme. This resulted in some great discussions. My presentation, Customer service and the Future Library at the University of the West of England is available on the Research Repository.

A real bonus of the week was getting to visit some fantastic libraries in and around Dublin as each theme was hosted at a different institution. Here are some pictures from the visit where you can see a wide range of libraries!

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Librarians on Tour – Exeter Central Library

On tour

In mid-May, I (Anna) was lucky enough to re-visit my hometown and child-hood library, Exeter Central Library. This time though, I wasn’t running up the circle-slope outside the library, hunting through the children’s books, or playing on the rocking horse. Instead, I was attending an Introduction to Grant seeking course run by SWRLS and led by Bill Bruty (a professional fundraiser).

I got to see Exeter Central Library from a very different perspective – enjoying the very open, window-filled conference room; getting a chance to read the displays, and letters home, from Indians who fought in the world wars; enjoying the way that bay ends had recognisable photos of the local area; and taking a quick peek at the FabLab (where members of the public can design their own products, including the use of a 3D printer).


The results of the 2018 Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) are in and UWE achieved gold status. To celebrate, the university threw a reception for staff featuring cake, drinks, and an ice-cream van. The Research Support team spotted the van out of the office window and the next thing anyone knew we were all enjoying free ice-creams!

You can see some pictures of the event below.

Librarians on Tour – Bristol Zoo AULIC Visit

On tour

On Wednesday 23rd May I (Lisa) was lucky enough to spend the morning at Bristol Zoo to visit the library there, and find out more about what they do. The morning began with an introduction from Simon Garrett (Head of Learning), who talked about the three main areas that they cover: 1) Conservation, 2) Field work, and 3) Changing human behaviours.  As well as providing entertainment for the public, zoos are able to target people of all ages and challenge the decisions that they are making in their everyday lives, which could have a big impact on the environment. This year they are working on a behaviour change campaign that encourages consumers to purchase sustainable palm oil.

We were then split into two groups, and my group was taken on a tour of the Education Centre, which included a lecture room, lab, computer room, common room, and library. Siobhan (the only Bristol Zoo librarian!) delivered an interesting talk about the library, and the resources that they have. Here are some facts about the library:

  • The library can be used by University students, researchers, zoo staff, volunteers, and the public upon request.
  • It is relatively small, with 4500 books, 2500 journal issues, and 2 e-resource subscriptions!
  • A large collection of the books were donated from the BBC Wildlife unit. Other books were obtained from departments around the zoo.
  • There is a unique cataloguing system, which was developed many years ago by volunteers, and has never been changed (e.g. Ec-H-W-5 would indicate a book in the ecology section, under the subheadings habitat – woodland, which was the fifth book to be added to this group).

We were then free to browse the books, and admire the interesting view out the window of the capybaras!

rick        library

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I’m ready for my close-up…


I (Charley) recently had the luck to be involved in the photoshoot for our new Research Support Team banner. Our old banner is out of date, so we need a new one to take for our regular visits to other campuses, as well as to other events or out ‘on tour’ around Frenchay campus.

I thought that I would be helping guide the photographer about what the models in the photo needed to do, and what we needed the photo to portray. Instead I found myself as one of the models! My fellow model and I gestured at a laptop, waved pens around, and made interested looking faces while trying to think of things to chat about. It was all a bit odd – I don’t know how the professionals do it.

All this means that we will soon be able to unveil our new banner, and you will then be able to spot me sitting under a picture of my own face, ready to answer any queries about open access or the repositories. Stay tuned for more information!


Photo found via Pexels

Meet the team: Library Research Manager

The blog has been up and running for around a year now and it’s about time we finally introduced the team behind it. Each person in the Library Research Support team will be writing an introduction in our ‘Meet the team’ series of blog posts. Today we feature…

JenniHi, I’m Jenni Crossley, the library’s Research Manager. I’ve worked in a variety of roles in the Library Service at UWE Bristol since 2000 (some of you might remember me job sharing as Law Faculty Librarian for a good number of years), and now I have the privilege of supporting the research community here.

My role involves some of the less tangible aspects of research support, such as working to develop our team’s strategy, and ensuring that it fits as far as possible with the UWE Bristol, and wider, research context, or representing research interests within the library’s planning. Overall, I try to keep things moving forward so that our support fits with researchers’ needs. I do some of the more practical work as well though – report writing, attending faculty committee meetings, providing training and so on.

An area of particular interest to me is the growth of open research (publishing and open data), and how this will change scholarly communication. I don’t think we can stick our heads in the sand about this; open research is here to stay and we need to be more willing to acknowledge that and plan accordingly. Please do come and talk to me about this if it interests you, too.

Outside of work I don’t seem to have an awful lot of time for my own pursuits right now, unless you count continuous use of a washing machine as an interest! However, I do manage to fit in a bit of exercise (kettlebells is a current favourite), and I do love music, especially if it’s loud and played on guitars. Sadly, I have never learned to play guitar myself – for some reason I chose the violin instead –  but I am capitalising on my middle child’s keyboard lessons to teach myself to play piano, which is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I’m never going to be a pianist, but it keeps the brain occupied!

Librarians on Tour – New York Public Library

On tour

A couple of months ago, Lisa went on holiday to New York and she couldn’t resist a visit to New York Public Library (the third largest public library in the world!). There had been a dusting of snow that day, so it looked really pretty from the outside!

NY Public Library External      NY Public Library External3

It is also an incredible building inside, with large public reading rooms and grand hallways filled with amazing artwork.

NY Public Library Internal    NY Public Library Internal2

Downstairs there is a children’s library with a Winnie the Pooh exhibit, containing Christopher Robin’s original teddies!

NY Public Library FS     NY Public Library WP

It’s free to have a look around, so I definitely recommend a visit next time you’re in the Big Apple!