Spotlight: Bristol Vocabulary

Bristol Vocab

Today’s spotlight is Bristol vocabulary: A provisional list by Richard Coates and Matt Vicker.

The purpose of this collection is to offer some basic guidance to students wanting to work with local dialect. They are often quite unaware of what is truly local vocabulary, what is regional, what is style-bound (e.g. purely colloquial or slang), and what is general English. So far as I can tell, the items in this collection are not age-related (in the sense of being teens-and-twenties’ usage), but maybe somebody knows better.

The document is a provisional list, drafted in 2014, of vocabulary strongly connected with Bristol. The list contains meanings for words, examples of use, and possible origins or alternative use. It is published on the UWE Research Repository – an exclusive publication if you look at it that way!


Spotlight: The Right Trousers

The Right Trousers

The spotlight today is a conference presentation, part of ‘The Right Trousers’ project which aims to develop soft robotic trousers for aiding mobility.

The original presentation was part of the Royal College of Occupational Therapists Conference in June 2017. The presentation outlines the aims of the study and the findings from a focus group who discussed requirements such as look, weight, autonomy and care.

View the presentation on the Research Repository for more information.


Spotlight: Dome I


The spotlight today is an image by Ian Chamberlain called Dome I. The artwork is an etching, and was selected for the Royal Academy Summer Show 2016.

There are several more examples of Ian’s work on the Research Repository, including Mirror I and Mirror II which were selected for the Royal Academy Summer Show 2015, and TIMELINE an exhibition which Ian took part in.

You can find out more about Ian’s influences by visiting his website.

Spotlight: Bright bricks, dark play

Lego chapter

To head off any questions in advance – no, the subject of today’s spotlight is not a LEGO model (no. 5978, Sphinx Secret Surprise in case you were interested, released in 1998.)

Bright bricks, dark play: On the impossibility of studying LEGO is a book chapter by Seth Giddings, looking at how LEGO is played with and asking ‘if LEGO play does not follow the instructions, how can it be studied?’ Seth asked for memories of playing with LEGO in childhood and these memories are discussed in the chapter.

If you find this interesting, Seth has uploaded another book chapter, this time about the video game LEGO Star Wars, and the success (or not!) of playing it.

Spotlight: SAM App

SAM app

Today’s spotlight is SAM, the Self-help Anxiety Management app created at UWE Bristol. The app was developed as a tool to help students (and anyone around the world who suffers with anxiety) to manage and better support their anxiety. The app features different tools and activities to help users monitor their anxiety levels and reduce anxiety during an attack.

The Research Repository includes a project report and links to a video summarising the project. There is also a further project report available, which goes into further detail.

The app is available for free for Android and Apple devices, and was declared one of Healthline’s Best Anxiety App winners for 2016.

Spotlight: La Voisin

New La Voisin

The spotlight today is an artist’s book, La Voisin by Sarah Bodman.

“But that doesn’t look like a book!” I hear you exclaim. Artist’s books come in all shapes and sizes. Some closely resemble traditional books, others are more abstract or even electronic. All are pieces of art usually produced in small print runs or as one-of-a-kind pieces.

La Voisin is “[t]he imaginary diary of Catherine Monvoisin; provider of potions, solutions and services to the court of Louis XIV.” It was produced in a limited edition of only three pieces, presented in a box including a bottle, a dried red rose, prints, and diary entries. The Research Repository record includes a photo of the book as well as further information about the exhibition it was presented at.

UWE Bristol holds several artist’s books in its library collection at Bower Ashton campus, including those produced by UWE Bristol researchers. More information about artist’s book can be found at the Book Arts website.


Spotlight: Mirage: A Spanish Summer


Today’s spotlight is a composition, Mirage: A Spanish Summer by Liz Lane. In Liz’s own words:

Mirage is a reflection on a Spanish summer at various times of day. The music is an image of events which, whilst not perhaps significant in themselves, together shape a lifestyle which necessarily revolves around the supremely hot weather.

You can view the sheet music for the piece on the Research Repository, which also includes a link to a performance of the piece in 2015.

Liz Lane has over twenty compositions on the Research Repository, most of which include the full sheet music.