Our favourite open access resources

Open Access Week 2018

We (obviously) love to use open access resources so we are always on the lookout for public domain or creative commons licensed resources. These are the ones that we use most often:

  • CC Search for images can be used to search several sites at once in order to find creative commons licensed material.
  • You can also use the original CC Search to search sites individually (like Flickr) or to search for other types of material, like music or videos.
  • Keep an eye out for website licenses and re-use statements. For example xkcd comics are licensed under a creative commons license – CC BY-NC 2.5 to be precise – meaning we can use them on our blog and in presentations. Which we do, frequently.
  • I use A guide to the best free sites for CC0 art and stock photography, a blog post by Ned Potter, every time I need to find stock photos. This is also a list of museums and galleries that have made their collections open access, in case you are looking for art, sculpture, or illustrations.

Failing all that, you can always make your own!


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