Q: Why can’t I see all my papers when I log in?

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Q: When I log in to the Research Repository I can only see some of my papers, even when I know there are more on the repository. Why can’t I see all of them?

A: When you log in to the Research Repository you are automatically taken to your ‘Manage deposits’ page, also referred to as your workarea. This is where you add new items to the Research Repository, whether through importing information (e.g. using a DOI) or by adding the item manually (clicking the ‘New Item’ button.) This is also where you can see all the items that you have uploaded to the Research Repository and what their status is (e.g. under review, in the live archive, or retired from the repository.)

The key point is that you can only see the items that you yourself have uploaded. If your co-author uploaded the paper then it will appear in their workarea. If the paper was imported via the PubRouter plugin and uploaded by the Repository team (in which case you will have received an email from the Repository team asking for additional information) then it will appear in the PubRouter workarea.

You can also filter which items you see in your workarea – e.g. if you want to concentrate on the papers that you are still in the process of uploading then you can filter the table to only show those papers.


Items uploaded by other colleagues can still be linked to your staff profile via the inclusion of your UWE email address, which is how we make one record on the Research Repository appear on multiple staff profiles. It will also appear in repository searches for your name.


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